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"...Soothe your Soles are refreshing, cleansing, and slightly exfoliating…. and, well, soothing!"

-Jon Ross, Founder


In the early 2000s self-care and yoga were starting to gain mainstream popularity. Our founder Jon Ross was spending a lot of time walking barefoot around yoga studios and spas… and spa locker rooms. One day, he realized he would like something to wipe his feet with just before putting on his shoes and socks. The only thing he had with him was a wet-nap from some fast-food restaurant. He used it, but it really wasn’t up to the task of cleaning both his feet—it was too small too flimsy and the formula was not very effective. That was the "lightbulb moment”: Jon thought, Other people must need this, too; if this were bigger and nicer and better maybe this could be something people would use.

Well, 23 years later, Soothe your Soles cleansing towelettes for your feet are still around, and people use them at the spa, the gym, pilates, karate, and yoga; by the pool at the beach, in hotels, and on airplanes. We have heard that many people use them at home, just before getting into bed at night.  


So, from a simple necessity, a company was born…. and is still going strong. We think it’s because we make a useful, convenient product that is also a bit of pampering luxury—it just feels good to use a Soothe your Soles cleansing towelette.  

We use only all-natural ingredients, which are not tested on animals, and we donate 10 percent of our proceeds to charity. Our all-natural ingredients include eucalyptus oil, coconut soap, aloe vera, and witch hazel.


With a story like that, people can't resist taking a couple of packets wherever they go. and they are happy to find them as amenities at hotels, gyms, and spas. 


Whenever people need some refreshing, cleansing, relaxation, it's only one packet away: Soothe your Soles—the spa treatment in a packet.

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